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iPad Retina display app roundup

iPad Retina display app roundup


A roundup of apps that have been updated to support the new iPad's Retina Display.

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infinity blade 2 retina display screenshot 2048
infinity blade 2 retina display screenshot 2048

We're sure the first thing you'll want to do when you get that new iPad home is give the 2048 x 1536 Retina Display a workout. With that in mind, Apple has curated a section of the App Store especially for apps that have been updated with full high resolution support, like Infinity Blade II. Here are a few of the more notable inclusions; we'll be adding to this list as more updates come in.

Note: it appears that not all the apps in Apple's "Great apps for the new iPad" section actually have Retina Display support — for example, the US App Store lists Gameloft's Modern Combat 3, which is yet to be updated as far as we know. Similarly, you should expect a lot of apps with Retina Display support not to make it into the curated section.

Flight Control Rocket


No update for Flight Control HD just yet, but Firemint has released this new space-themed version of the plane-landing arcade game for the new iPad's launch.



Amazon's proprietary text rendering means it doesn't benefit from the same automatic makeover that most iOS apps will get from the Retina Display, but the company's pushed out an update just in time. Note: non-text assets haven't yet been updated.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Namco came on stage to show this air combat game off at Apple's keynote for the new iPad, and right on cue it's ready on the App Store for launch.

Sketchbook Pro for iPad

No artistic touch? You have even less of an excuse for not producing beautiful images now.

Real Racing 2 HD

With every new iOS device comes a Real Racing update to show off the new hardware, and this one's no different.

ABC Player

We know, the new iPad's display far outresolves broadcast television. Still, it's nice to be doubly sure you won't be missing out on any pixels when you sit down to watch Grey's Anatomy.



Clarity of screen, clarity of mind.

Mass Effect Infiltrator

The game may not quite reach Mass Effect 3's operatic heights, but at least now we can say Mass Effect 3 doesn't quite reach Infiltrator's titanic resolution.


Typography fans have more reason than most to get excited about over the new iPad, and Readability is probably a pretty good way to indulge them.


The iPad's front-facing camera may not have gotten an upgrade this time around, but at least you'll be able to view Incredibooth's low-fi photo "printouts" at maximum resolution.

Reeder for iPad


RSS feeds may not be an obvious technical showcase, but we're expecting great things from Reeder's subtle paper texture on the Retina Display.

Art Authority

Not only does this museum-style app benefit from Retina Display assets, it's promising higher resolution artworks on all devices. Who needs a new iPad, anyway?



Watch the economy crumble in gorgeously rendered high resolution infographics.

The Daily

We said that the new iPad's display is like a "glowing piece of paper." Put that to the test with Rupert Murdoch's digital newspaper.

The New York Times


Not to be outdone by new media whippersnappers, The Old Grey Lady is getting in on the high resolution game too.



Of course, Twitter is mostly text, so you'll get a better experience on the new iPad even without the dedicated upgrade, but assets and photos should look better than ever now.

Tweetbot for iPad

The connoisseur's pick of premium Twitter apps has also got the Retina upgrade.

iA Writer

The minimal text editor looks great on the iPhone's retina display, and now the same design's made the leap to the iPad.


Steve Troughton-Smith's award-winning Grace app helps autistic users to communicate independently by selecting pictures to form semantic sentences.


The quintessential magazine-style Facebook / Twitter / RSS reader app now looks even better with Retina support.


Marco Arment's best-selling app lets you save links from around the web to read on your own schedule. The 4.1 update includes support for the iPad's new display, as well as a set of new fonts and a full-screen reading mode.