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New Roku 2 HD appears in FCC filing

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A new Roku HD player has shown up at the FCC, and it looks to be a replacement for the Roku 2 HD. Changes include the removal of the microSD slot, a purple base, and full composite output.

roku 2 hd fcc
roku 2 hd fcc

A new Roku HD player has shown up in an FCC filing. The box looks very similar to the Roku 2 HD player, and indeed the manual refers to it as a "Roku 2" with the giveaway "HD" letters visible on the top side. There are only a few external differences that we can see: the bottom of the box is bright purple making the device look like an inverted Roku LT, the microSD slot has been jettisoned in favor of 2GB internal memory, and there's a full-sized composite output on the back in place of the old 3.5mm adapter. The last change is an unusual direction for the company to go — we don't think the number of people using composite cables is rising, exactly — but with the Apple TV essentially an HD-only affair the lower-priced Roku boxes could find a place in more people's homes.