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TEDTalks Shows come to Netflix instant streaming

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Netflix has added TEDTalks Shows to its lineup of streaming content, creating two-hour videos on a variety of subjects pulled from TED conference presentations.

Sixth Grader Thomas Suarez, iOS Developer
Sixth Grader Thomas Suarez, iOS Developer

TEDTalks, the popular 18-minute keynote presentations on a whole range of subjects from the Technology, Entertainment, and Design conference, have come to Netflix. The format is a little different, though — Netflix has grouped multiple talks on a given topic together to create "TEDTalks Shows" of around two hours long each. There are 14 available in total to start with, from space to sex to beauty, and they're available to anyone with a $7.99 a month streaming subscription in the US, Canada, Latin America, the UK, and Ireland. TEDTalks are also available to view online or through the iOS and (just-announced) Android app, meaning that the invite-only conference's $7,500 entry fee is no longer an excuse to miss out.