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WolframAlpha in-app purchase lets you use images as search queries

A new in-app purchase for the WolframAlpha iOS app adds a whole new dimension to using images as search queries, letting you input images and view EXIF data, perform color image processing, and more.

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wolfram alpha iphone
wolfram alpha iphone

A new in-app purchase for the $2.99 WolframAlpha iOS app takes using images as search queries to a new level. The $0.99 in-app purchase called "Extension" can analyze a photo's EXIF data, add filters, perform edge detection (seen below), perform color processing, and more. Once you purchase the extension for the app, you can either use images from your Camera Roll or take pictures from inside the app itself. It can even perform rudimentary text extraction (OCR) on images you upload. WolframAlpha's image processing adds a whole new dimension to the app, which has previously only accepted text queries — and for iPhone users hoping to check EXIF data on the go, it could really come in handy.