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Sky Sports iPad app update puts you in control of your Formula 1 experience

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Sky has updated its Sky Sports app to include the F1 companion experience, allowing you to choose a range of video streams and highlights from your iPad.

Sky Sports iPad app F1
Sky Sports iPad app F1

With the 2012 Formula 1 season getting underway in Melbourne this weekend, users in the UK can grab the updated Sky Sports app for iPad, which offers a brand new "F1 companion experience." The app allows you to choose from eight different video streams including the main feed, in-car views, and action in the pit lane, meaning that you can be your own director and even avoid Martin Brundle's commentary. It also offers access to video highlights on demand, and a Twitter feed on one side delivers a stream of curated comments from social users.

Outside of the world of F1, users of the app will get access to all four Sky Sports channels along with news and other features. It's available to download from the iTunes App Store now, and is free to those with a satellite subscription, or for £4.99 a month those without — probably the cheapest way to get access to the races now exclusive to Sky. It also means you can give as much screen time as possible to Heikki Kovalainen's Angry Birds helmet.

Update: As rightly pointed out by commenters, the £4.99 subscription only gives access to some parts of the app, such as the Sky Sports News channel. Only Sky customers can get full access to all of the features.