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Windows 8 app developed to remote control police cars

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Modularis demonstrates its Windows 8-controlled police car.

win8 police car
win8 police car

Microsoft's Windows Store launched into beta just over two weeks ago with less than 100 apps, but we've barely scratched the surface of potentially useful Windows 8 applications. Public safety solutions firm Modularis is aiming to change this with its Windows 8-controlled police car. Modularis has put together a cloud-based solution, using Windows Azure, that makes it possible to control a police car remotely using a simple Windows 8 application.

GeekWire managed to get a hands-on with the application at the Microsoft campus earlier this week. Asides from frightening innocent bystanders, the Metro style app includes all the police car controls from lights to sirens and even the opening and closing of doors. Microsoft, together with Modularis, demonstrated the application as part of its annual Worldwide Public Safety Symposium, where officials gather to discuss public safety. While the Windows Store is fairly limited right now, this particular app does show off the potential for Windows 8 on tablets. Microsoft has promised to update the Windows Store regularly with new apps throughout its beta, so we expect to see even more unique uses for Windows 8 in the coming months.