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Good Deal: 16GB Sony Tablet S for £299

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The Honeycomb-based Sony Tablet S has dropped to £299 for the 16GB version in the UK.

Sony Tablet S Good Deal
Sony Tablet S Good Deal

Amidst the new iPad release frenzy, Sony has quietly dropped the price of its Honeycomb-based Tablet S in the UK. The 16GB Tablet S formerly sold for £350 or more, but now it's going for £299 at Currys, PC World, and Dixons. You can also get it for that price directly through Sony's own site, but Currys is offering a £10 voucher with purchase for the next couple of days.

The Tablet S runs Android 3.1 and includes a Tegra 2 chipset with 1GB of RAM. We weren't thrilled with the software on launch, but the unique folded-back look is one of the most interesting pieces of design we've seen on a tablet. This price drop also undercuts the iPad 2, which was recently discounted to £320. We expect more Android tablets manufacturers to cut prices soon, so anyone who's been on the fence about getting one may want to keep an eye out.