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Huawei Ascend D quad may be the new king of Android benchmarks

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Huawei's upcoming Ascend D quad U510 smartphone has appeared at the top of both AnTuTu and NenaMark's benchmark tables

Gallery Photo: Huawei Ascend d quad hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Huawei Ascend d quad hands-on pictures

When Huawei announced the Ascend D quad U510 at MWC 2012, it proudly proclaimed that its in-house quad-core SoC made it the world's fastest smartphone. While at the time it seemed an audacious remark for the company to make, benchmarks scores are starting to surface that appear to validate its claims. AnTuTu Benchmark is a popular Android app that benchmarks a range of system functions, and Huawei's latest smartphone is sitting at the very top of its leaderboard. It outscores other companies' upcoming flagship devices, including the LG Optimus 4X HD and HTC One X, and is only topped by a pair of Asus Transformer Prime tablets that have had their CPUs heavily overclocked.

The D quad has also bested all competitors in NenaMark v2, overcoming new devices like HTC's One S as well as established powerhouses like the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II. NemaMark is a benchmarking app that specifically tests the graphical capabilities of a device. It runs the tests at the device's native resolution, so for a 720p device like the D quad to outperform lower resolution devices such as the Galaxy S II and HTC One S is quite a feat.

However, benchmarks often don't relate to real-world performance, so you should take these scores with a pinch of salt, as well as noting that HTC and LG's flagships may not have been running finished software, which could affect future scores. Benchmarking apps like Quadrant have also in the past been fooled by developers into producing inflated scores, although we've never heard of either NenaMark or AnTuTu being tricked before. We'll have to wait for the phone's release to find out if all of this apparent raw power is put to good use, and more importantly, if Huawei has made a compelling product to match.

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