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New iPad jailbroken on day of release, 'still lots of work to do' (updated)

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The new iPad has been jailbroken on the day of its release, but there's still lots to be done before a public release will be ready.

ipad3 jailbreak screenshot
ipad3 jailbreak screenshot

That didn't take long — prolific iOS hacker MuscleNerd has just tweeted a screenshot of a jailbreak on the new iPad. While this is only the first step on the way to a stable jailbreak, the news means that the iPhone dev-team can get to work on a public release.

Update: It looks like MuscleNerd's not the only iOS hacker showing off his skills today, with Stefan Esser — also known as i0n1c — posting a video of a new iPad that has undergone an untethered jailbreak. As with MuscleNerd's tweet, there's no additional information on availability, but we'll keep you posted as things progress.

Thanks, Ayman!