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NYT removes disputed Foxconn details from Mike Daisey op-ed in wake of 'This American Life' retraction

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The New York Times has removed an article by performance artist Mike Daisey after it has revealed some of the details surrounding his story on the Foxconn factories were in fact fabricated.

mikedaisey - image credit stan borouh
mikedaisey - image credit stan borouh

This American Life made waves this morning when it announced it was retracting its episode about Foxconn's factories because performance artist Mike Daisey misrepresented several facts to the program. The announcement seems to have started a chain reaction, with the New York Times removing a paragraph from an opinion piece Daisey wrote after the passing of Steve Jobs last year. Entitled "Against Nostalgia," the piece originally contained references to Daisey meeting a man whose hand had been mangled while manufacturing iPads — an encounter that is now understood to have been completely fabricated. The New York Times has appended the article with an explanation for the change:

Editor's Note: Questions have been raised about the truth of a paragraph in the original version of this article that purported to talk about conditions at Apple's factory in China. That paragraph has been removed from this version of the article.

This American Life will be airing an episode centered around the retraction this evening.