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After mocking Final Cut X, 'Conan' editors tease Adobe Premiere Pro 6

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The editors of Conan put together a video outlining the features Adobe Premiere Pro. The trio of editors had previously made a similar video for the late-night show that poked fun of Apple's Final Cut Pro X.


When Apple first showed off Final Cut Pro X last summer, the jeers came quickly from the editing industry. The lack of multi-cam support and frustrating options for importing and exporting XML files were just two of the woes that editors faced if they upgraded. But not everyone reacted so angrily to the new version. Some people, like the editors of Conan, took the opportunity to poke fun at the changes. The trio created a video for the show, claiming they liked the new version of Final Cut Pro and had even used it to edit what they were showing. The only problem: how completely broken the video was.

It seems like both the anger and the jokes fell on deaf ears at Apple, because it took them almost eight months to address the issues. However, Adobe appears to have heard them loud and clear. The software company — or, more specifically, its enigmatic (and fictional) founder "John Adobe" — seems to have given the editors an early look at Premiere Pro 6 and let them openly express their experiences with the software in a video. The end result pokes just as much fun at Adobe as the original does at Apple. There are digs at the company's expansive and confusing software lineup, its trite use of buzzwords for features, and even how overkill some of the features in Premier are ("Now I can edit all my home movies in 4k!"). But through it all, the editors seem pretty excited about Premiere, especially compared to Final Cut. They even give us a quick glance of the software's new interface, though not enough to glean any great details.

While Adobe's involvement with the creation of the video is unclear, at the very least it seems to be good natured enough to let it out in the open. There's still no firm release date for CS6, but if this is how Adobe is going to tease it's upcoming releases, we're okay if it takes a bit more time.