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Introducing Vergecraft: join us at 6PM ET / 10PM GMT for the virtual launch party!

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At 6PM ET today we're going to have a little informal launch party at our Minecraft server's ultra-exclusive nightclub, Club Obsidian.


The Verge has its very own Minecraft server now! It's in its infancy: people are still building farms and simple homes, still running scared from creepers and searching desperately for precious iron. But we'd like to hang out with you, perhaps trade some diamond for redstone, or maybe dye wool together. Also: we'd like to party. At 6PM ET today we're going to have a little informal launch party at the server's ultra-exclusive nightclub, Club Obsidian. Simultaneously, in an alternate universe, we'll have the The Verge's room up and running, to blast out the jams. Feel to join us in both virtual places, or if you're allergic to Minecraft or sweet musical vibes, choose one or the other accordingly.

Here's what you need to get into Minecraft:

  1. A paid registration of Minecraft.
  2. The most recent copy of the game (version 1.2.3) or the in-browser version (both require Java).

Once you have all those component parts, open up Minecraft, log-in, and then add The Verge's server info under the multiplayer option.

Vergecraft server info:

Once you're in the server, look for signs to "Club Obsidian," or just strike out on your own, for wherever your adventures take you. Probably to creepers.

Oh, and if you're looking around for our room:

Oh, and if you're not in the US and so hates you, here's the Spotify playlist version of the DJ set.

Directions to Club Obsidian in Minecraft: When you enter the world, you will notice a tunnel leading underground in the spawn area. Follow this tunnel to "Mineshaft A," and descend all the way to the bottom. Enjoy the party.