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Custom-built 'Triport Spire' puts our Lego skills to shame

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Tim Goddard's latest lego creation is the "Triport Spire": an insanely detailed, sci-fi inspired space port.

lego triport spire
lego triport spire

It's no secret that we have a certain affinity for brick-based building at The Verge. Lately we've been be wasting away in our own Minecraft world, but we can always make time to admire the insane Lego creations that some people come up with. Tim Goddard, perhaps better known by his Flickr user name Rogue Bantha, is one such builder. His latest project is the insanely detailed "Triport Spire": a sci-fi inspired space port. Not one to leave well-enough alone, Goddard decided to include motorized elevators, working lights in the hangars, and even a small fleet of spaceships to round out the design. We're not sure how many pieces the build included, or how long it took Goddard to create the "Triport Spire," but the level of detail is really impressive — you'll think you're looking at a movie prop until you notice a familiar piece of Lego.

You can check out more photos of the "Triport Spire" on Goddard's Flickr site, which is also filled with other amazing custom designs that put our brick-building exploits to shame.