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The iPad's Retina display goes under the microscope in screen comparison

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Designer and developer Lukas Mathis put the new iPad's Retina Display under the microscope to see just how good the display's pixel density really is, and how it compares to several popular — and not-so-popular — tablets on the market.

New iPad and iPad 3 screen comparison from Lukas Mathis
New iPad and iPad 3 screen comparison from Lukas Mathis

Before Apple's latest iPad was announced, we saw some early comparisons of an unpowered version of the device's display panel. Now that the iPad is out, the logical next step was to do the same with the real deal, and UI designer Lukas Mathis has taken on the challenge, comparing the display's pixels to several other devices on his blog. Using a USB microscope, Mathis examined the quadrupled pixel count on the new iPad, while also putting it up against the iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Blackberry PlayBook, and the Kindle Fire, amongst many others. While obviously demonstrating the iPad's superiority on the pixel front, it's also a primer on different screen technologies themselves, from the unique pixel arrangement of the Nintendo 3DS's 3D panel, to the striking limitations of modern PenTile displays.