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Play this: 'Tick Tock Isle' demo

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Jason Boyer has released a demo of "Tick Tock Isle," a new platform adventure game about a clock repairman named Strike who gets sent back in time.

Tick Tock Isle by Jason Boyer screenshot
Tick Tock Isle by Jason Boyer screenshot

Have you ever been called out to a rainy island to repair an old clock tower, only to be transported back through time? If so, you'll feel right at home as Strike, the hero of Tick Tock Isle. A click-and-point platform adventure game, designer Jason Boyer describes it as an adventure that relies on "story, character interaction, creative thinking, and poking" (Boyer was behind Jables's Adventure and Cat Poke as well). Isle should also invoke some nostalgia for those that grew up with Sierra's classic adventure games. The final product's not out just yet, but If you'd like to walk a stretch in Strike's shoes, you can play the demo now.