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Google Play Android app updated with sortable reviews

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The Google Play store app for Android has been updated to version 3.5.15. The update introduces some review sorting options that we first saw in the web app in December. There is also a new "All" apps screen that will show you everything you've ever downloaded, whether or not you currently have it installed.

Google Play android store review sorting
Google Play android store review sorting

The (recently-renamed) Google Play store app has received an update that brings some of the review sorting abilities that were introduced in the web app back in December. Thankfully, each review now says which device the reviewer was using, so you won't have to count on them writing that info in themselves anymore. With the update the reviews screen also gives you the option of only viewing comments from those on the latest version of the app or those using the same phone as you, and you can also sort reviews either by newness or helpfulness. Lastly, there are now two views under My Apps: "Installed" and "All," the latter of which mimics the "My Android Apps" screen on the web interface and shows everything you've ever downloaded — regardless of whether you've currently got it installed or not. The update — version 3.5.15 — is rolling out now, but if you can't wait, Droid Life has posted a download link to the APK.

Note: If you want the update right now, just download the file at the source link directly to your phone, rename it to "Googleplay.apk", and run it to install the new version of the market over your current one. As always, be careful when you tinker with your phone — if you're not sure what you're doing, it might be best to just wait.