Vergecraft whitelist request thread (closed)




This whitelist is now closed. We will be starting a new whitelist request thread shortly, but given our current server population, we will be tightening up the system a bit. Stay tuned!

Greetings, fellow adventurers!

First of all, we'd like to say thanks to everyone who made our launch party such a success. It was a blast to see everyone jumping around Club Obsidian while listening to some beats on Turntable FM.

We have decided to implement a whitelist for the Verge Minecraft server in order to cut back on griefing.

People have made some amazing stuff, but it's clear after opening the server yesterday that some Minecrafters just want to watch the world burn. But that's okay, because we know there are a bunch of great folks that want to work together on exciting projects.

The server is still in its infancy, so we're still ironing out how it's going to work, but for now please abide by the following rules if you're joining us:

  1. Be courteous: Follow the same rules of the road that are described in the Verge's community guidelines. That means no spam, illegal activities, porn, personal attacks, racism or sexism.
  2. Respect people's projects: If someone's made a house, or an interesting construction, please leave it alone. That means don't break into people's houses if they've put a lock on their door by breaking your way around it.
  3. Don't steal: Don't claim someone else's chest or steal items from their houses without permission. Also, don't steal public resources like ladders, candles, etc.
  4. Don't grief: Repeated killing of others (if PVP is enabled), and random ambushes, are discouraged. Fight others if you've agreed to a duel or are in the Arena.

Also be aware of the following:

  • This is a survival-based server. That means you need to mine, craft, and work together with others to accomplish objectives. We have no plans for creative mode at this time.
  • We prefer a minimalist world with the fewest number of mods and plugins as possible.
  • Players can lock their chests by "punching" a newly placed chest to claim it, and then again to lock / unlock it. Please claim your chests as quickly as possible to prevent others from claiming your chests.
  • Players can lock doors by typing "/lock" with an item in the hand. Whatever item is in your hand at the time of the lock will become the key -- the door can then be opened with that item type in the hand (if you have a diamond in your hand, any diamond will lock / unlock the door).

Happy adventuring!