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Apple to announce plans for $100b cash balance on Monday, March 19th

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Apple has announced that it'll be hosting a call to reveal plans for its massive cash balance on Monday, March 18th.

Apple store 5th ave
Apple store 5th ave

Perhaps the biggest question mark in Apple's current business strategy is the game plan for its unprecedented cash balance — a pile of money roughly $100 billion deep. Some investors have called for a big dividend payout, others want to see it invested in acquisitions, but very few people are calling on Cupertino to continue to sit on it for much longer.

To that end, the company has announced that it'll be holding a press conference tomorrow at 9AM Eastern to "announce the outcome of [...] discussions concerning its cash balance." Notably, it points out that nothing else will be discussed — many investors and members of the media are likely hoping for details on new iPad sales performance over the opening weekend, but it seems that we're not going to get that.

Will Apple stockholders be getting a huge dividend payday? Will CEO Tim Cook announce a blockbuster purchase? We'll know more in the morning — and stay tuned, we'll be reporting the news live.