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Roku 2 and LT players get version 4.3 update

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Roku has started pushing its v4.3 firmware update out to all Roku 2 and Roku LT players. The update brings improved Netflix performance, among other fixes.

Roku 2 XS full size hero
Roku 2 XS full size hero

Roku has started rolling out a version 4.3 update to its media players. It's not quite as feature-rich as the 4.2 update was, focusing on a range of compatibility fixes and performance improvements. A lot of the tweaks are focused on Netflix, which should see faster startup time, improved audio and subtitle settings, and "optimized performance of screen navigation." Elsewhere, there's improved support for multiple gaming remotes, SSDP mobile device discovery, and HLS streaming. Roku started pushing the update out to users a couple of days ago, but if you haven't yet received it you can get it direct from the Settings menu. It's compatible with all Roku 2 boxes, along with the lower-priced LT.