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'Draw Something' beats 'Words With Friends,' now most popular Facebook Connect game

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The latest stats from AppData suggest that the fantastic popularity of Draw Something isn't just limited to the mobile app space: it has now overcome Words With Friends to become the most-used Facebook game.

draw something
draw something

The latest stats from AppData show just how popular Draw Something has become: the Pictionary-style game has now overcome Words With Friends to become the most-played game with Facebook Connect. AppData's measure of daily active users logged in with their Facebook accounts puts Draw Something at 12.2 million, comfortably eclipsing the eight million daily users achieved by Zynga's most popular game. The change in leadership happened over this past week, when Draw Something gained a healthy 3.5 million more daily users and Words With Friends lost a million. Microsoft Live and Yahoo! are still shown as the most widely used Facebook Connect apps, but that's unlikely to trouble OMGPOP, the developer of Draw Something, whose simple but addictive drawing game has seen unprecedented growth since launching early last month.