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AcerCloud to launch this April in China and North America, says DigiTimes

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DigiTimes is reporting that AcerCloud, the cloud storage and streaming service from Acer, is to launch in April in China and North America.

AcerCloud picstream
AcerCloud picstream

DigiTimes is reporting that Acer's cloud storage and streaming service is to launch in North America and Greater China this April. We knew that AcerCloud was set to start rolling out in the second quarter of this year, but that's apparently been narrowed down to next month by the company. AcerCloud's flagship device, the CloudMobile, is due to be released in the fall, so it looks like the service will be up and running well in advance of that. The AcerCloud launch in other markets is set for the fourth quarter of 2012, however, meaning that it still sounds like some markets could be getting the CloudMobile without cloud support at launch. While it'll initially support Android phones and Windows PCs, the service will eventually support iOS as well. Acer also reportedly plans for 30-40% of the devices it sells to work with AcerCloud by the end of the year.