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Nokia Creative Studio app brings panorama and photo effects to Lumia Windows Phones

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Nokia releases a new Creative Studio app, bringing panorama and photo effects to its Lumia Windows Phones.

Nokia Creative Studio
Nokia Creative Studio

Nokia might be testing some new camera modes for its Lumia 800 device, but that hasn't stopped the firm developing a separate application that brings a number of new features to its range of Windows Phone handsets. Available exclusively for Nokia's Lumia phones, Creative Studio allows Lumia owners to apply adjustments and effects to pictures before and after they are taken. There is even a panorama feature that will stitch together four photos to create one large image with an elongated field of view.

Creative Studio users can pick from a range of 10 post-picture effects, including cartoon and sketch modes, and seven adjustment features like crop, rotate, and levels of contrast or exposure. Some of the modes are also available in a live mode to take new pictures, including six "face warps" designed to distort human faces. There was no mention of this particular app at Mobile World Congress last month, so it comes as a surprise to Lumia owners. The app is part of Nokia's exclusive offering for Lumia Windows Phones, and the company is expected to release Nokia Transport and Reading applications shortly too.