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More Panasonic Lumix GF5 images leak, comes in both black and white versions

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Two more supposed images have surfaced of the Panasonic Lumix GF5, which show the camera in both black and white versions.

Nphoto Panasonic GF5 leak
Nphoto Panasonic GF5 leak

A leaked image over the weekend gave us our first look at Panasonic's upcoming Lumix GF5, and it looks like a few more photos have slipped through the cracks as well. 43 Rumors has obtained a pair of press shot-style images that show the follow up to the GF3 in both black and white, and it features the same small body and rubber grip that we saw in the first leak. The source of the images, Chinese photography site, has also reportedly said that the GF5 will feature high ISO noise level comparable to Canon's EOS 7D and 60D. As with the previous supposed leak, it's hard to gather much else from these images, but they're certainly more convincing than the since-removed Instagram photo.