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Dish Network's spectrum shouldn't run into same GPS issues as LightSquared

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Dish Network's plans to use satellite spectrum for an LTE network shouldn't run into the same issues as LightSquared, as the two run on different frequencies.

dish logo ces 1020
dish logo ces 1020

LightSquared didn't fare so well with its plans to utilize satellite spectrum to build an LTE network, but Dish Network might be more lucky. Unlike LightSquared's spectrum, which operates in the 1600MHz band and was found to cause GPS interference, Dish's licenses are for frequencies of 2GHz and above. Because this frequency isn't as close to GPS, Dish likely won't run into the same interference issues. That's not to say that the satellite provider isn't having problems with building its network: AT&T has already put up some resistance by demanding the FCC place certain build out requirements on Dish, while the FCC recently denied a waiver request that would've permitted it to immediately repurpose the satellite band for terrestrial wireless. All of this has led to speculation that Dish is looking to sell its spectrum to one of its potential competitors — but if it does decide to build its own network, it will have to wait until FCC regulators devise a new set of rules to accomodate the circumstances.