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Sony continues global rebranding with Wes Anderson-directed stop motion ad

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A new global ad campaign from Sony Mobile Communications features a stop motion commercial directed by Wes Anderson.

Sony Made of Imagination ad
Sony Made of Imagination ad

As part of its rebranding efforts, Sony Mobile Communications is launching a new global ad campaign called Made of Imagination — and it's enlisting the help of Wes Anderson to kick things off. The Academy Award-nominated director has put together a stop motion TV spot that's due to launch on Saturday, March 24th, which depicts how an eight-year old boy thinks a smartphone actually works. All told it took 10,000 man hours, 37 models, and nine sets to create the 60-second ad, and you can check out the teaser below. The campaign is designed to promote the Xperia line and a print component is already rolling out in Europe. Sony has been phasing out the Sony Ericsson name ever since it finalized the deal to buy out its partner last month, and the new campaign looks to be one of its biggest efforts so far.