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Google TV adds international channels, but no sign of international release

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Google expands its content coverage for a more international audience in the US. However, it still has not announced any plans to bring Google TV to other countries.

Al Jazeera English (Android)
Al Jazeera English (Android)

Even though Google TV is still only available in the US, Google has recently rolled out a few international channel apps in its Play Store. These apps, which include Al Jazeera English, PPTV (Chinese-language content), IslamBox, Yupp TV (Indian channel with over 5 languages supported), and Euronews to name a few, are some of the channels now available on Google TV. This could help Google capture the expat market – individuals currently living in the US who want to view content from their homeland. With international programming coming to Google TV, the question becomes: when will Google finally take the service to markets outside North America?