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Verizon's remote diagnostics tool doesn't log or save personal data

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In an attempt to reduce any fears of another Carrier IQ situation, Verizon has stated that the remote diagnostic tool for the LG Revolution doesn't record or log any personal data.

LG Revolution logo (1020)
LG Revolution logo (1020)

Verizon recently released a software update for the LG Revolution, which adds a "remote diagnostics" tool so that customer support can remotely view a handset for troubleshooting. The carrier originally specified that it would only be used with the customer's permission and has made a further attempt to assuage fears of another Carrier IQ situation by stating that the tool will not log or save any personal data — this includes keystrokes, web history, or location information. Instead, the tool operates much like a remote desktop app, letting support troubleshoot problems and demonstrate apps. The over-the-air update is available now as part of software version VS910ZV8.