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Good Deal: name your price for five games from the Humble Bundle

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The latest Humble Bundle is live, offering five cross-platform games for any price.

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Humble Bundle
Humble Bundle

The Humble Bundle is back, this time with five new cross-platform games at the price of... well, whatever you want to pay. This time you'll get Canabalt, Zen Bound 2, Cogs, and Avadon, and you can pay as little as a penny. There are a few good reasons to pony up more, though: your payment gets split between the games' developers, a couple of charities, and the Humble Bundle team itself, and you can even choose the breakdown. If you spend more than the current average payment ($6.07 right now), you'll also get a fifth game, Swords & Soldiers. Buying the bundle gets you the games for Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux, plus an official soundtrack for each game. They're all DRM-free, and can also be redeemed via Steam if you're so inclined. You've got almost exactly two weeks to make your purchase, but hey — that's two weeks you could spend hopelessly engrossed in Canabalt.

Thanks, malteschulz!