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'Surprise Bullfight' from Messhof offers gamers blood and an ill giant

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Messhof's latest game, Surprise Bullfight, is now available from Adult Swim Games.

Surprise Bullfight
Surprise Bullfight

Indie game developer Messhof's latest 8-bit thriller, Surprise Bullfight, is now available on Adult Swim Games. You may remember Messhof's work from Pipedreamz or Nidhogg, but the new title's plot is very unique indeed: you're a forest gnome tasked with supplying a giant with bull hearts. Fail at your task and the giant runs out of blood — game over. No one wants their giant to run out of blood, do they? Beware, though, because a false move will send an angry bull's horns right through your fragile gnome, and you're just three lives away from failure.