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Dropbox now lets you add Facebook friends to shared folders

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Sharing service Dropbox now allows you to share folders using friends' Facebook names, making it easier to share with friends.


Sharing files on Facebook's platform is getting a lot easier this week — first with the addition of Pipe for sharing big files, and now the ability to share Dropbox folders with friends using their Facebook names. Thanks to the update, you can now share a folder with someone that you're friends with online, but whose email address you don't have handy.

To share folders with your Facebook friends, simply go to Dropbox's share page and click the link in the top right to connect the two accounts. Now, any time you start adding names to a shared folder (new or old), the "invite collaborators" field will auto complete with your Facebook friends' names. While we're used to thinking of Dropbox as a personal or professional tool, it looks like the company is trying to step out into the larger file sharing world. We don't know if social file sharing will be the "next big thing," but Dropbox clearly wants to make sure that if it is, Facebook Pipe won't be the only player in that space.