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Will Samsung's Galaxy S III come standard with wireless charging?

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Samsung's Galaxy S III may come with built-in inductive charging, according to a rumor from Korea's DDaily.

Gallery Photo: Fulton eCoupled wireless power technology
Gallery Photo: Fulton eCoupled wireless power technology

Now that phones and tablets are practically as thin as their ports will allow, wireless charging may be the next step forward, and Korean publication DDaily is reporting that Samsung's rumored Galaxy S III superphone will lead the way with a built-in inductive charger. Typically, if you want to charge your phone wirelessly, you can buy a replacement rear cover or even hack in an inductive charging coil yourself, but anonymous sources tell DDaily that the Galaxy S III will include the technology out of the box. It seems a likely story, as Samsung's been quick to embrace forward-looking connectivity before, like its Kies Air desktop software for wirelessly syncing devices, and the Galaxy S II's MHL port. Of course, webOS devices like the Palm Pre had built-in inductive charging years ago.

Apparently, Samsung's technology will even work when the device isn't physically touching the charging surface, as far as a meter or two away, but the publication suggests that Samsung is using its own proprietary, patented charging method rather than the similar Fulton eCoupled method we saw at CES. Sadly, there's no mention of whether Samsung's actually eschewing a power port in favor of induction here, but it might cost extra if so: apparently, the company hasn't decided whether it will include the charging station in the package or sell it separately.