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MOG snapped up by HTC's Beats Audio division?

MOG snapped up by HTC's Beats Audio division?


Business Insider is reporting that HTC's Beats Audio division has acquired streaming music service MOG, a development that comes just a month after reports that HTC and Beats would be starting their own music streaming service.

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Back in February we heard word that streaming-music service MOG was on the auction block, allegations that the company's CEO refuted. It appears there may have been some truth there after all, with Business Insider reporting that the company has indeed been acquired — by HTC's Beats Audio, no less. BI cautions that it has only one source for its report, but GigaOm is stating it was able to confirm the two companies were indeed circulating deal terms over the past few weeks. You may recall that HTC and Beats were rumored to be launching a streaming music service last month at Mobile World Congress, an announcement that obviously never materialized. HTC has been heavily pushing Beats as a differentiator in its devices since investing $300 million in the company last year, and an acquisition of MOG would presumably allow it to quickly move forward with a Beats-branded service to offer an even more comprehensive suite of music services.