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HTC to preload LogMeIn Rescue remote diagnostic software on all new Android devices

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HTC is partnering up with LogMeIn to implement the company's LogMeIn Rescue remote diagnostic and troubleshooting tool, which will be preloaded on all of the company's future Android devices.

HTC logo
HTC logo

Just days after Verizon pushed out a remote diagnostic software tool to the LG Revolution, LogMeIn and HTC are teaming up for a similar offering — across HTC's entire future Android product line. The initiative will see LogMeIn Rescue, the company's remote support product, implemented across HTC's call centers worldwide. Future HTC Android devices will come with the LogMeIn Rescue app pre-installed, allowing customer service representatives to configure users' phones and troubleshoot potential problems whenever a data connection is present. The app will still require the consent of individual carriers, however, so there's always the possibility that carrier that would rather be the de facto resource for its customers could block the move. With HTC potentially adding a new music service as well, however, it appears the company is trying to reposition itself as a fully-integrated brand that can service all facets of a customer's potential needs.