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Zynga planning to buy 'Draw Something' creator OMGPOP?

Zynga planning to buy 'Draw Something' creator OMGPOP?


TechCrunch reports that Zynga is in talks to buy OMGPOP, creator of the instant hit Draw Something.

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After ratcheting up more than 20 million downloads, OMGPOP's Draw Something recently overtook Zynga's Words With Friends to become the most popular Facebook Connect game — and it looks like the larger company is taking notice. TechCrunch reports that Zynga has initiated talks to buy OMGPOP outright, with other social gaming firms like Japan's GREE also lining up bids. With OMGPOP bringing in six-figure revenue every day, TechCrunch expects the deal to be worth anywhere from $150-250 million.

Zynga could, of course, quite easily develop its own pictionary-style game — "Drawing With Friends" would seem the obvious way to go — but it might be too late with such a large userbase for OMGPOP's game already in place. It's also worth noting that Draw Something isn't the first pictionary-style mobile game, with others like Charadium finding earlier success on a much smaller scale, so it may well be that OMGPOP has caught lightning in a bottle that would be difficult to replicate.