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Seidio's LTE Galaxy Nexus battery upgrade adds NFC, thickness

Seidio's LTE Galaxy Nexus battery upgrade adds NFC, thickness


Seidio has upgraded its 3800mAh replacement battery for the LTE Galaxy Nexus to support NFC.

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If all that LTE speed has been putting a dent in your Verizon Galaxy Nexus' battery, smartphone-accessory maker Seidio might have the answer for you — a 3800mAh replacement with NFC support. Seidio had previously released a battery of this size, but it lacked NFC. Now it packs the same features as the standard 1850mAh pack that comes with the Galaxy Nexus. The stock battery delivered about 12 hours of use in our review, and while Seidio more than doubles this capacity, we wouldn't necessarily expect your uptime to double, too.

The extended battery life comes at a price beyond the $74.95 price tag, though, as the upgrade adds a fair bit of girth to your device. Seidio is also planning a 3000mAh battery for the GSM Galaxy Nexus, which it hopes to release in the coming weeks. Both batteries are currently backordered, but the company is taking orders. For those of you who might have already purchased Seidio's non-NFC battery, the company is offering an NFC version for $20, and you'll get to keep with your original as a backup. Still, if you're dubious about treading into the waters of third-party batteries, there's always Verizon's $49.99 official 2100mAh replacement. It keeps things a bit more svelte, but isn't as much of an upgrade as Seidio's battery.