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Kim Dotcom's first TV interview post-arrest: 'I'm no copyright infringer'

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Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has given his first TV interview since being arrested. He claims that the site is too large for him to police, and secondly that competitors like Mediafire and Fileserve do the exact same thing.

Mega Song Video Still
Mega Song Video Still

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom was recently released on bail, and just gave his first TV interview since being arrested to New Zealand's 3 News. Predictably, he used the opportunity to come out with guns blazing against his critics and vowed to conquer his numerous legal issues. He has two main defenses: firstly that the site is far too large for him to police individual instances of piracy, and secondly that competitors like Mediafire and Fileserve provide the exact same service. Dotcom also claims that neither the MPAA nor any movie studios ever contacted him or his site before taking legal action, and offers his thoughts on why he's been singled out:

I'm an easy target. My flamboyance, my history as a hacker, you know, I'm not American, I'm living somewhere in New Zealand around the world. I have funny number plates on my cars, you know, I'm an easy target. I'm not Google. I don't have 50 billion dollars in my account and right now I've not a penny on my account.

Dotcom goes on to blame the studios' business models for encouraging piracy in the first place, while maintaining that it was never his site's main raison d'être. After all, when's gotta send files across the globe, he uses Megaupload.