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Splashtop THD released for Tegra 3-based Android 4.0 tablets

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Splashtop's THD Tegra-3 optimized remote desktop app for Android 4.0 has finally been released.

skyrim prime 1020
skyrim prime 1020

Splashtop has finally launched its Remote Desktop THD software, optimized for Tegra 3-based Android 4.0 tablets. The software works very much like other remote desktop or VNC solutions, giving you access to your Mac or Windows PC, however Splashtop promises that thanks to the Tegra chip in your tablet you'll experience no discernible lag. Back at CES we were given a chance to play Skyrim on an Asus Transformer Prime, with an Xbox 360 wired gamepad connected to the Prime. As promised, there were no lag or framerate issues, with the game feeling like it was running on the tablet itself.

The app costs $6.99 in the Android Market, and you'll also need to install the free streaming server onto your PC. While the listing says that it's "optimized solely for Android 4.0," the Market page says that the app requires Android 3.1+, meaning that older Tegra 3 devices might still be able to give it a try. Splashtop says that the installation is easy, though it warns that you'll need a good wireless router (preferably using 802.11n) to achieve flawless gameplay, and recommends GeForce graphics on the host computer to achieve the best results.