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Flipboard v1.8 update improves design, adds Cover Stories to iPad, has French support

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Flipboard's version 1.8 update brings a design makeover, the iPhone's Cover Stories feature to iPad, an extra page of tiles, international content guides, and French localization.


Flipboard just got a version 1.8 update, and it makes quite a few changes to the popular magazine-style social app for iOS. The app's design has been upgraded and improved, with new typography and better integration with images — for example, text can now be laid inside photos instead of being confined to separate headlines. iPad users now have access to the iPhone's Cover Stories feature, which curates a selection of content from your social feeds and media sources. You also get a third page to fill with whatever you want. Finally, the app has become more cosmopolitan, adding recommended content guides for the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, and France, and a full localization into French.