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Norwegian LAN party The Gathering aiming for Dreamhack-beating 200Gbps connection

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The Gathering, a Norwegian LAN party, is hoping to reclaim its world record for the fastest internet with a 200Gbps connection this April.

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This April, LAN and computer party The Gathering is aiming to reclaim the world record for the fastest internet connection, bringing 200Gbps access to the Vikingskipet Olympic Arena in Hamar, Norway. The current holder is Dreamhack, which claimed the record back in November in neighboring Sweden with a 120Gbps connection, beating The Gathering's record set in April last year of 110Gbps. To put these speeds into perspective, the organizers say that you could download a total of 5120 5MB songs per second, meaning that every song that's downloaded on iTunes per month could be picked up in just 30 minutes.

The Gathering has garnered some big-name support — in order to achieve these blistering speeds it's roped in Cisco, Huawei, Level 3, and ISP Altibox to provide the infrastructure. Cisco Norway's CEO Jørgen Myrland says that his company's support for The Gathering is based on the value of the event to Norway's youth, and that young computer enthusiasts can be "worth their weight in gold." The event is set to take place between April 4th-8th, with tickets on sale now.