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Internet Explorer still on top in market share stats, while Chrome keeps catching up

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The latest browser share data from two major analysts shows that Internet Explorer remains on top, however the agreement largely ends there.

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New data from StatCounter suggests that Internet Explorer's market share has continued to fall over the last three months, while Chrome has shown steady growth, and Firefox has remained largely static. The trends suggest that IE has lost by around the same amount as Chrome has gained, and other browsers remained steady through the same period. However, analyst Net Applications tells a different story — Chrome's growth has stalled, Internet Explorer has seen a slight resurgence, and Firefox has lost around 0.9 percent. Opera, Safari, and other browsers account for 7-10 percent.


The disparity between these numbers reflects the different sampling methods used by each statistics firm, and StatCounter showed far more dramatic changes while Net Applications remained comparatively flat. Both agree that Internet Explorer remains the most used browser (though the ranking of the other browsers is contentious). One question remains — will Internet Explorer 10 reverse IE's downward trend?