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Vevo locking out non-Facebook sign-ups on March 9th, hinting at YouTube partnership breakup

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Vevo emailed all current users to inform them that all new and current users will have to log in using Facebook as of March 9th.

Vevo on YouTube
Vevo on YouTube

As of March 9th, all new and current Vevo users will have to log in using Facebook, a big shift for the music video site that's historically been so closely tied to YouTube. Digital Music News reports that the announcement went out as an email to current Vevo users, informing them of said log-in changes, as well as the fact that if users want to keep their playlists, they must connect their Vevo account to Facebook within the next seven days.

Today, if you attempt to create a new account with Vevo, you are informed that "To get the full VEVO experience, please enter through Facebook. This way you'll enjoy a richer experience while watching and sharing music videos and all of our other content."

Back in January, we heard that Vevo was considering relocating its entire music video site from YouTube to Facebook. Facebook would host all of Vevo's music videos and share in ad revenue, Billboard reports. The move would be a big blow for YouTube, considering Vevo is the second-largest video site on the web, but the deal won't take place at least until Vevo and YouTube's contract expires towards the end of 2012.

Facebook integration on Vevo has only been around since September 2011, when Vevo partnered with Facebook to offer social integration and Open Graph support so friends can see what others are watching live.