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Nintendo bringing Cobalt Blue 3DS and three new bundles to Japan

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Nintendo has announced a new 3DS color for Japan, as well as bundles featuring Monster Hunter, Super Mario 3D Land, and Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem 3DS
Fire Emblem 3DS

The 3DS may be the fastest selling console in Japan, but for those who have yet to pick up the handheld Nintendo has announced a new color and three new bundles to tempt you. The Cobalt Blue 3DS variant will be available in Japan on March 22nd for 15,000 yen, the same price as the current line-up of colors. But for those who want a game as well as a handheld, March 17th will see the launch of a Monster Hunter 3 (tri-) G bundle available in both Cosmo Black and Red Flare, while a Super Mario 3D Land bundle is coming on March 24th with either a Misty Pink or Ice White device, as well as a copy of the original Super Mario Bros. pre-installed on an SD card.

Nintendo will also be celebrating the launch of strategy game Fire Emblem: Awakening on April 19th with a bundle that comes with a copy of the game, a unique blue 3DS complete with Fire Emblem designs, and a 1,000 yen 3DS points card. So far these have only been announced for Japan, but there's a good chance that at least a few — most likely the Cobalt Blue 3DS and Mario bundle — will eventually make it to other regions as well.