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HTC announces free Beats Audio API to boost third party apps

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HTC released several APIs for developers including the Beats Audio API, which will allow developers to implement HTC's software equalization and bass boost inside their own apps.

htc rezound
htc rezound

As if you needed more proof that HTC's Beats Audio feature is largely a software gimmick, the company just gave away the tools behind Beats for free. SlashGear reports that the Beats Audio API will soon be up for grabs, so any developer can give its app a bass boost when used on HTC devices. HTC announced a few other tools including its Lockscreen API (which will let developers place content on the Sense UI lockscreen) and its MediaLink HD API (which will let developers interact with the company's MediaLink HD streaming set-top box). HTC plans to feature the best apps utilizing the new APIs inside the HTC Hub app present on its Android devices. The company said that the APIs will launch within "the coming weeks" as part of the HTC OpenSense SDK.