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Huawei may build new T-Mobile myTouch Android phones

Huawei may build new T-Mobile myTouch Android phones


PocketNow reports that Huawei will be releasing two T-Mobile myTouch Android phones in late spring.

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T-Mobile's myTouch, the budget Android phone line that has previously been manufactured by HTC and LG, may be getting a refresh by Huawei. PocketNow reports that two new Huawei myTouch phones — the U8680 and U8730 — will be released in late spring, possibly at the end of May. The Gingerbread phones will apparently have a 480 x 800 display and will be identical except for a physical keyboard on one of them.

There are few details beyond that, but given the low price of previous myTouch phones, we expect the rest of the specs will be fairly modest as well. While you won't be seeing anything as flashy as the "world's fastest smartphone," it's likely to be a good deal for anyone looking for a cheaper Android option.