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Italian designers make eye-catching electronics out of cornstarch-based plastic

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The Maizy collection of electronics from Design house Spalvieri/Del Ciotto is produced entirely from PLA, a bioplastic derived from ordinary cornstarch.

maizy main
maizy main

Design house Spalvieri/Del Ciotto's striking Maizy electronics aren't only nice to look at — the items are all made from polyactide (PLA), a biopolymer derived from everyday cornstarch. The collection includes six pieces: a radio with an input for your audio player, pocket and desktop calculators, analog and LCD alarm clocks, and a rechargeable pocket light. The collection is available from retailer Lexon, and while pricing isn't listed on the company's site, the products appear to be available now.

We've been seeing bioplastic electronics for a few years now, but the Maizy collection goes the extra mile to focus on good looks, simplicity, and affordability (the pocket calculator is only $15), in addition to using renewable materials. Rather than just pump out some novel designs, the two designers wanted to make some products that "define an epoch," and they think bioplastics have what it takes to do just that.