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New Fitbit Android app matches iOS version's features and failures

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Fitbit has released a version of its Android app. The app allows users to track exercise and food, but, like the iOS app, lacks some integration with Fitbit Ultra tracker

fitbit android app
fitbit android app

The Fitbit Ultra remains one of our favourite personal stat-tracking devices, even though it's now facing some stiff competition. But while iOS users were able to log their Fitbit data in a native app since last October, Android users had to make due with a web app. Not anymore though, as this week Fitbit released a free Android version. The app offers the same features as its iOS counterpart, allowing users to log exercise and food, monitor caloric intake, and readjust your fitness plan on the fly based your activity level. It will also show you some of the data you've collected and uploaded via your Fitbit Ultra, though you don't need the $99.95 device to use the app's other features.

However, Fitbit for Android also shares some limitations with the iOS version. For instance, neither app will let you view your sleep data collected from a Fitbit — you have to use the website for that — and you can't actually sync a Fitbit Ultra with your phone. All uploading needs to be done via a computer. But if you're looking for a calorie tracker and don't mind the lack of deep integration with the company's flagship device, Fitbit for Android might be worth checking out. You can get the 961kb app at the source link below.