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Metro's not all games: Microsoft shows off Dynamics ERP and CRM concepts for Windows 8

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Countering the idea that Metro is purely for leisure, Microsoft has released some Metro-styled design concepts for Windows 8 versions of its Dynamics ERP and CRM software suites.

microsoft dynamics
microsoft dynamics

So far, the message from Microsoft about Windows 8 has been that Metro is where the fun stuff goes, and the classic desktop is where the boring work happens, but it looks like that might be changing. ZDNet reports that Microsoft is planning to announce Metro-style Windows 8 versions of its Dynamics ERP and CRM software at the company's Dynamics Convergence event this week in Houston. Dynamics ERP and CRM are popular software packages for enterprise, whose names stand for "enterprise resource planning" and "customer resource management." The tools can be used to manage everything from accounting, to a firm's supply chain, analytics, and field services.

The images supplied by Microsoft feature all the hallmarks of Metro design: the Segoe WP font, the spaced-out graphical elements, and the simple color palettes; a stark contrast from the company's graphically busy 2011 offerings. The redesign concepts follow Microsoft's recent announcement of iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone apps for CRM 2012, showing the company's efforts to make its enterprise offerings both more attractive, and more easily accessible. It's no secret that Microsoft has a strong position in enterprise, so to see it freshening up the typically staid Dynamics suites shows how committed it is to its overall design overhaul.