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Intel seeks an alternate way into your living room with Atom CE5300 for set-top boxes

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Intel has announced and made available the dual-core, 32nm Atom CE5300 chip, which is designed for use in set-top boxes.

intel tv
intel tv

Intel has announced and made available the dual-core, 32nm Atom CE5300 system-on-chip designed for use in set-top boxes. It follows on from the company's Atom chips that saw use in Google TV-powered devices such as certain Sony TV sets and the Logitech Revue. You may recall that these products didn't exactly set the world on fire, causing Intel to withdraw from the market last year. So, is the chip maker getting back into the smart TV game? It doesn't look like it — the new chip seems more like an alternate way for the company to return to the living room through boxes provided by telecoms companies.

Intel's Digital Home Group was shuttered last year after the failure of its Google TV ventures, and the company's Service Provider Division now supplies Atom CE SoCs for set-top boxes and media gateways. The first product announced to use the new CE5300 is Amino's Freedom Live Media Gateway, which doesn't appear to be pushing much in the way of interactive features but does feature 1080p playback support. However, with the Atom CE5300 chip it would likely be capable of handling various additional features that service providers may request. Smart TV didn't work out for Intel, but maybe it'll have better luck working with a more traditional end of the market.