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Windows Phone 'Tango' increases multitasking limit to eight apps

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Windows Phone "Tango" will raise the limit for multitasking applications to eight at a time.

Gallery Photo: Windows Phone Tango hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Windows Phone Tango hands-on pictures

We thought Microsoft had fully detailed its Windows Phone "Tango" engineering effort and improvements previously, but it appears not. The folks over at XDA-developers have discovered that Microsoft's latest Windows Phone update will raise the app multitasking limit from five to eight, allegedly due to the lower memory improvements in the operating system.

Amongst other improvements for MMS, better SIM contact management, and a new location alert icon, Microsoft has also thrown in memory status information. In the phone info section of Windows Phone there is a new memory counter that shows in use and available memory, helpful for those with low-spec devices. The latest Tango update will be made available to existing devices, but not until new 256MB of memory handsets launch in China in the coming weeks. We are expecting Microsoft to introduce its Windows Phone Tango version in China tomorrow, with new devices expected from Nokia later this month.