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Windows Phone sales outpace Symbian in UK, study says

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Windows Phone sales outpaced Symbian devices for the first time in the UK during February, according to new market research.

Nokia Lumia 800 stock
Nokia Lumia 800 stock

Windows Phone sales nudged past Symbian in the UK during February, according to data from market researcher Kantar Worldpanel. Brits chose a Windows Phone smartphone over Nokia's Symbian platform for the first time since Microsoft's new mobile operating system launched in October 2010. 2.5 percent of UK smartphone shoppers opted for a Windows Phone, compared to 2.4 percent purchasing Nokia's Symbian devices.

Nokia's Lumia launch in the UK appears to be behind the boost in sales. Kantar Worldpanel says that Nokia's Lumia 800 accounted for 87 percent of Windows Phone sales in Europe, based on interviews with mobile phone purchasers over the holiday period. Microsoft has not been forthcoming with its latest Windows Phone sales numbers, but Nokia did reveal in late January that it had "sold well over 1 million Lumia devices." If Nokia's Lumia 800 is driving a demand for Windows Phone in Europe then it's no surprise, the company's advertising blitz has covered a number of countries with billboards, TV commercials, and newspaper ads, and Nokia is planning a similar marketing campaign in the US with the launch of the Lumia 900 shortly.